Inclusion: How to do it in Secondary Schools

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A 'reflective log' has been developed for practitioners to evidence their professional enquiry and learning.

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This module also follows the national model of professional learning developed by Education Scotland which underlines that professional learning should challenge and develop thinking, knowledge, skills and understanding and should be underpinned by developing skills of enquiry and criticality.

Scottish Government - Additional support for learning This page on the Scottish Government website describes additional support for learning: legislation, policy and guidance. There is advice for parents, professionals and children and young people.

Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. Attendance gaps across disability status are larger for youth of secondary school age than for children of primary school age with youth ages with disabilities 10 percentage points on average less likely to attend than youth without disabilities. We find that exclusion in secondary school was lowest in Chile where the gap in attendance across youth with and without disabilities for ages was lower than 2 percentage points.

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While there is some data that suggests many schools do not have the appropriate infrastructure for students with physical disabilities, there is a lack of information regarding the accessibility for students with visual,auditory, cognitive and other disabilities. Mental Health and Wellbeing. Our collection of resources for PSHE.

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Surgeries and Forums. Advice and Information to help Co-ordinators run their Surgery Sessions. Agenda, Minutes and anything else. New, unclassified plus our working papers. Public Documents.

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Chairs' Page. Information and Resources directly relevant to the role of Chair of Partnership. Contacting your chair or co-ordinator and knowing who else is in your Partnership.

UK Inclusion - Secondary School Stories 1 (SLA) - Full

FAQs for School Staff. The questions that come up at times of crisis in our work with young people. Exclusions advice. Guidance on working with "at risk" young people and their families.

Partnerships Explained. New to Leicestershire - read on to discover our strong Partnership tradition.

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Inclusion | How to do it in Secondary Schools | Taylor & Francis Group

Challenging Students. Not sure what to do next, not sure what is out there? What are the Partnerships for?

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