A Womans Story

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  1. Marrying a man with good prospects is still a woman’s primary route to the 1%
  2. A Woman’s Story
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  4. Amina’s Journey: One Woman’s Story of Transformation

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Marrying a man with good prospects is still a woman’s primary route to the 1%

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A Woman’s Story

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Real Pain. Real Hope. We are determined to expand further to help more women in northern Nigeria and beyond rebuild their lives after conflict and violence.

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With your support, we can help many more women turn the page and write the next chapter. In , we introduced our program to serve marginalized women in the Bauchi State of northern Nigeria, helping women stand with each other to move forward and rebuild in the face of violence and poverty.

And widespread poverty remains a major challenge, provoking unemployment, malnutrition, illiteracy, low status for women, patriarchal norms and limited access to social and health services. Bauchi State is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a mother, but women here have an average of eight children — often with no means to support them.

Despite these challenges, women in Bauchi State — like so many others we meet across the world — are resilient and hopeful, determined to defy the odds and work toward a better life.

Amina’s Journey: One Woman’s Story of Transformation

Amina was one of the women in this area enrolled in our program. Her story began with tragedy: married at 14, she and her husband were living with their five children when their village was raided.

Marc Almond - A Woman's Story

The family scattered as armed men set fire to houses and started to shoot. Amina was forced to remain in hiding as her eldest son was shot multiple times in the chest.

Fortunately, he survived, and Amina and her family escaped to an internally displaced person camp to start a new life. But when her husband was killed tragically in a work accident, Amina was left on her own. She married again, but her new husband abandoned her after she became pregnant with her sixth child.