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  1. Becoming One with God: Do We Make It Harder Than It Is?
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No one else has ever risen from the dead on his own. Many people who believe in one God would think the person is blaspheming. The good news is that Jesus told us He is God in many different ways! Followers of Jesus believe in one God in three persons. Each has a separate function—and yet they are all united as one God. Have you ever thought of some of the things we see around us that are both three—and yet also one?

Centuries ago, St.

Becoming One with God: Do We Make It Harder Than It Is?

Patrick used a clover leaf to teach the Irish about this—it has three leaves, and yet is still only one leaf. Or think of water. God has never had a wife. Unlike us, Jesus was not conceived by two earthly parents; He was born of a virgin through a miraculous work of God. He was born holy, without sin.

Luke —yet God is all-powerful and made a way for the holy Jesus to be born a human. Jesus was both fully God and fully human. It is also significant that the most thorough Gospel account of the virgin birth was written by Luke, a medical doctor. If anyone knew the impossibility of a virgin birth, it was Luke—yet, after careful research, he concluded that it was a fact. The God who was powerful enough to create the universe was also powerful enough to bring Jesus into the world without a human father. His miraculous birth is just one more testament to His deity.

If we have a fistful of money, unless we release our fist how can we accept more? If we are afraid to let go, to share and in the sharing, grow, we will shrivel and fade away. We must do the same, whether we are delegating power, jobs, chores, responsibilities, we trust the person to whom we are delegating to do the best he or she knows how and in the process learn and grow. We are apt to wait for our preconceived idea of how God is to fulfill our requests.

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Remember this wonderful story that illustrates the point? It was raining hard and the river was flooding. Along came a helicopter to take him to safety, again he refused. Shortly thereafter he met his watery transition. What more do you want? If we are caught in the snare of always giving, giving, giving, we leave no time for receiving God through a gift from another. This is a time of replenishing, restoring, participating in Creation. All that is required of us is a heart full of gratitude. All that we need for laying the foundation stones of our own unique structure, and for the building of that structure, we find within ourselves.

As we build, we must move in and out of our structure, working in harmony with everything and everyone else in a Self-conscious, Self-dedicated way. God can only do for us what He can do through us. It disappears from your view, but only to fall into the world of causes, into the soil of wisdom to be watered by love and again brought forth to bloom. Learn to live. Life is the intense, pulsating, vibratory acme of knowledge, truth, love, beauty and faith. Reach out and breathe it into your own soul, as a famishing man reaches for bread to sustain his fainting body. If your life, your strength, your influence, were needed elsewhere, you would have found yourself elsewhere.

Individually and collectively our life, our strength, our influence are here in this place with the people we find about us. We are approaching Convention and the powerful Forces of the Great White Lodge are gathering to provide us once again with opportunity, which is the fuel for growth. But those Forces do not lie without, we find them within.

One God & One Lord |

If only we could truly know, and know that we know, that Light and joy and peace abide within us. What a wonderful time of year to consciously express it.

Not necessarily by the gifts that we buy or make, but rather in a warm smile or heartfelt greetings, as an expression of the Chris t within each of us reaching out to the Chris t within everyone else. Evil hath no power over me.

Though clouds and darkness seem to be about me, yet dwell I eternally in the Light. We must learn to tune in to that oneness.

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This is nothing more than learning, step by step, to seek within, for contained within every thing in the Universe is the ultimate consciousness, that is God. As we go through this process we will find that Presence, that Light, that Path that Master Moyra spoke of so simply, yet so eloquently. Alister McGrath notes that while Martin Bucer suggested that justification causes moral regeneration, Calvin argued that "both justification and regeneration are the results of the believer's union with Christ through faith.

Some Evangelicals see union with Christ as a discrete stage in the "order of salvation. Eastern Orthodox theology emphasizes the incarnation as the starting point for our union with Christ. In Christian theology the union of Christ is built on the a priori assumption of Adam's union with humanity Romans The New Testament teaches that union with Christ is precipitated by faith and baptism, i.

You Are God. PROFOUNDLY POWERFUL! Guided Meditation for Advanced Meditators.

Both the apostle John and Paul employ the Greek preposition eis rather than en in these passages to convey the notion of union with Christ. This same expression is found in , 18, 36; ; ; , 46; ; 1 John There are a number of ways of describing the nature of the union with Christ. Roman Catholic theology holds that believers actually imbibe the physical body and blood of Christ when they partake in the Eucharist.

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Augustus H. Strong positively describes the nature of the believer's union with Christ with five adjectives. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The relationship between the believer and Jesus Christ. The Mysticism of Paul the Apostle. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, , p. Archived from the original on September 5,